Knight v. Miami-Dade County

The Eleventh Circuit affirmed the grant of summary judgment to defendants in plaintiff's suit seeking damages for civil rights violations and claims arising under state law. Plaintiffs filed suit after two officers shot and killed Michael Knight and injured Latasha Cure. The Eleventh Circuit held that the trial court did not abuse its considerable discretion in any of the challenged trial rulings regarding the inclusion of defendants' police-practices expert; the exclusion of plaintiffs' ballistics and reconstruction experts; the exclusion of evidence showing violations of the Police Department's pursuit policy; the refusal to give a specific jury instruction; the admission of some criminal-history evidence; and the failure to address the prejudicial nature of defendants' opening and closing statements. Furthermore, the trial court did not err in granting summary judgment to the County, the supervising officers, or the detectives. View "Knight v. Miami-Dade County" on Justia Law